Human Performance & Physiology Related Classes

Human performance is broadly defined and spans all areas of science, engineering, medicine, business, education, and law. Below are a list of Stanford courses relevant to human performance. Last updated January 2022.

Introductory Seminars

  • MED 71N: Hormones in a Performance-Enhanced Society (3 units, Hoffman)
  • ORTHO 97Q: Sport, Exercise, and Health: Exploring Sports Medicine (3 units, Hwang)
  • SURG 52Q: Becoming whatever you want to be: lessons from a stem cell (4 units, Helms)
  • PATH 21N: The Living Genome: Implications for Biology and Beyond (3 units, Pollack)

Lower Division

  • HUMBIO 35: Your Body at Stanford: The Physiology of College (3 units, Friedlander)
  • BIOE 51: Anatomy for Bioengineers (4 units, Salmi, Srivastava, Bryan et al)

Upper Division

  • HUMBIO 133 (BIO 112): Human Physiology (4 units, Kao)
  • HUMBIO 135: Exercise Physiology (4 units, Friedlander)
  • HUMBIO 130 (CHPR 130): Human Nutrition (4 units, Gardner)
  • HUMBIO 131: Kinesiology (4 units, Brand-Perez)
  • HUMBIO 135S: Body Hacking: Applied Topics in Exercise Physiology (3 units, Friedlander)
  • HUMBIO 139S: Sport and Exercise Medicine (3 units, Kussman)
  • HUMBIO 140 (FEMGEN 241, MED 240): Sex and Gender in Human Physiology and Disease (2-3 units, Stefanick)
  • HUMBIO 149L (MED 229, PSYCH 102): Longevity (3 units, Carstensen, Kado)
  • HUMBIO 161 (BIO 149, BIO 249, PSYC 149, PSYC 261): The Neurobiology of Sleep (4 Units, Heller, Mourrain, Zeitzer)
  • PSYC 135/235: Dement’s Sleep and Dreams (3 units, Pelayo)
  • BIOE190: Design Thinking in Human Performance Research* (3 units, Towles, Delp)
    *open to Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance Undergraduate Research Awardees only.
  • BIOE 281 (ME 281): Biomechanics of Movement (3 units, Delp)
  • ORTHO 110/210: Practical Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Exam (1-2 units, Fredericson)
  • ORTHO 120/220: Introduction to Lifestyle Medicine (1-2 units, Fredericson)
  • SURG 100A: Virtual and Real: Human Anatomy and Sports Injuries of the Limbs and Torso (3 units, Fogel, Srivastava)
  • SURG 100B: Virtual and Real: Human Anatomy And Sports Injuries Of The Head And Neck (3 units, Fogel, Srivastava)
  • SURG 101: Regional Study of Human Structure (5 units, Srivastava, Whitmore)


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